Smart Ordering System

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Smart Ordering System

Silverback Systems creates efficient ordering, procurement and supply chain management software solutions for the public sector (healthcare, education, government), pharmaceutical companies and other organizations facing procurement challenges in complex or regulated industries. It's a new approach for organizations that value efficiency, transparency and control.
The Smart Ordering System eliminates the need for 24/7 helpdesks and the delays and errors created by phone calls, faxes and spreadsheets. Instead, the platform takes ordering online, streamlining the entire procurement process. By leaving the process to computers, healthcare professionals are freed up to focus on their more critical tasks.
Site staff (e.g. clinics, care facilities, etc) can check the status of their orders through their dedicated Silverback portal (or rely on email alerts); choose the cheapest or fastest shipping rate from multiple couriers; and even get a data-based forecast of their future ordering needs.
Instead of replacing your entire legacy system with a new, untested ERP, the Smart Ordering System uses data links and APIs to layer an online ordering system on top of your existing ERP and other key systems (e.g. inventory, warehouse, etc.). With much lower risk, your organization gets the same result at a fraction of the cost.
New Approach
Change in an institutional context is always a challenge and sometimes the answer is to bring in some fresh thinking. Our approach is start with your desired outcome first and foremost and then engineer a streamlined solution that doesn’t just throw more people at the problem.

What could you gain by addressing your procurement pain?

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